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Pensilis 1722, 1223 shelters


Shelter built up of IPE 140 vertical beams, brought together with a monolithic roof formed by a tubular steel beam with supports which are suitably shaped to support, with appropriate gaskets, the shatter-resistant glass roof panes with polished edging cut, as the rear walls. The outdoor illuminated advertising display (VISO model), built into to the left-hand side wall of the shelter, is made up of a steel support frame, extruded aluminium profile hinged case, tempered glass fixed to the structure with suitable silicone adhesives. The electrical system, EC certified, consists of three special lamps positioned horizontally. There are two deflectors in the upper and lower areas of the case which give an ideal light diffusion produced by neon. The poster is held by a special stainless steel bar with a spring-action catch to hold the poster. The shelter is supplied with the SEDIS bench which is made from exotic wood and is fixed to the lower rail of the shelter with 3 laser shaped fins.

Finishings and materials

Sizes and Configurations