Apollo bollard / bike rack

Bike rack / pedestrian bollard made in extruded aluminium, reinforced with a tubular steel insert. From the front, fixed on both sides, is a shaped steel plate, upon which it (more...)


Bike bike racks

Modular bike rack with wheel racks in steel tube fixed on horizontal bars. Ground fixing can be done by ground embedding four galvanised steel bars, with suitable bolts or by (more...)


BikeBox modular bike box

Modular bicycle parking box with rectangular steel tube structure and an steel sheet outer cover . The top cover can be opened with a gas strut aided gull-wing opening and (more...)


Biplano bike racks

Single or double sided modular bicycle parking system on two levels, with sliding motion of the upper level. Fixings: Pre-drilled for anchors (more...)


Cafè bike racks

Cycle stand composed by two connected semi-circle shapes in thick steel plate, connected with horizontal supports with baseplate. Can also be used as a modular barrier.   (more...)


Chiave bike racks

Bike stand made entirely in steel, with two key shaped pieces set side-by-side, spaced by two stainless steel elements complete with antitheft fixings.  This shape also includes a hole to (more...)


Ciclos bike racks

Bike rack constructed from a spiral frame in tubular steel, attached to two horizontal bars in steel tube. The structure can be fixed to arched steel tube supports with base (more...)


Circle bike rack

Bike rack made from bent tubular steel with decorative element, designed to attach bikes or to display logos.  Ground fixing is with bolts fixed in the pre-drilled elliptical base plates. (more...)


Clos bike racks

Bike rack made from two laser cut steel sheets and coupled with a spacer. Ground fixing is with bolts. The Bike rack can be personalized as the upper part of the (more...)


Cyclus bollard / bike rack

Bike rack and/or pedestrian bollard made entirely of cast aluminium and made up of a central post and two half-rings fixed with stainless steel anti-theft screws. Ground fixing is either (more...)



Bench comprising two longitudinal larch wood beams, slightly tilted in the middle for water run-off. It can be supplied with staggered or parallel wooden beams, to allow using the ends (more...)


Guardia bike stand

Bike stand made from shaped steel plate, with a brushed and electropolished stainless steel movable connecting rod, particularly useful to attach a lock to the bike frame. (more...)


Head bike rack

Bicycle rack and / or pedestrian bollard, consists of a slanting support steel tube with base plate for fixing with bolts and of a circular end element in aluminum casting. Available (more...)


Inside cycle stand

Cycle stand made up of a rectangular shaped plate with rounded corners, the attached tubular support can be supplied with a base plate, or with extensions for below ground fixing. (more...)


Lucchetto bike racks

Bike stand made of an arch-shaped monolithic bearing structure in stainless steel tube, and a steel outer casing, with no visible fixings, shaped in the form of a padlock. (more...)


Mikado, Tjado bollard / bike rack

Bike rack and pedestrian bollard made from a steel tube, with particular holes at various points that can also be used as a bike rack by securing chains and locks (more...)


Oval bike racks

Bicycle rack and / or pedestrian bollard, composed of a support with a base plate for fixing with bolts and of an oval central element, all in the steel tube. Available (more...)


Pit-Stop bike rack

Bike rack made of a base structure in laser-cut and shaped steel tube, with cast aluminium ends. The helmet-holder is made of two steel hemispheres, fixed together with a special (more...)


Reset bike rack

Bike rack constructed from a spiral structure, made from steel tube, which sits on the ground with two cast aluminium feet. (more...)


Silver bike racks

Bicycle rack comprising a pair of vertical steel tubes connected by two metal sheet elements with laser-perforated logo. Ground fixing is through base plate and bolts. Available in the following materials (more...)


Smeraldo cycle rack

Cycle rack made up of a spiral steel tube, connected to two horizontal steel tube bars. The metal structure is fixed to the reconstituted marblestone/granite side supports with a shaped (more...)


Spring P bike racks and/or pedestrian bollard

Elliptical shaped bike racks and/or pedestrian bollard, with vertical cut for inserting wheel made of Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC). Available in ALFA finish. Fixings: cemented to ground with threaded rods. ULTRA (more...)


Spyra bike racks

Bike rack made of a spiral structure in steel tube, which sits on the ground on turned steel cones. Ground fixing is with suitable threaded bars concreted into the ground. (more...)


Type bike rack

Single bike rack made from staggered bending of the solid steel tube and is available in two versions, either with a steel sheet base plate to fix to the ground (more...)



Recycling bin waste collection, modular and aggregable, for indoor use. The external structure is in powder coated steel and an openable lid in aluminum with a hole identified by a (more...)