Albero cover

PRODUCTS AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY FOR EUROPE Modular cover, which can be arranged both lengthwise and crosswise, made by assembling special prefabricated steel elements and connection elements in cast aluminium. Main structure and (more...)


Apollo bollard / bike rack

Bike rack / pedestrian bollard made in extruded aluminium, reinforced with a tubular steel insert. From the front, fixed on both sides, is a shaped steel plate, upon which it (more...)


Arts shelter

PRODUCTS AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY FOR EUROPE Shelter constructed from special profile extruded aluminium bearing columns with thin vertical stripes, with steel base plates, connected at the top by an extruded aluminium profile (more...)


Bigspace cigarette bin

Cigarette bin, available with or without advertising board, made up of a brushed stainless steel perimetral ring which is fixed with suitable spacers to two elliptical extruded aluminium supports, with (more...)


Carpi bollard

Pedestrian bollard in one single cast aluminium structure with a triangular section. The structure is characterised by the reflective element which spirals around the whole post, giving the impression of (more...)


Cyclus bollard / bike rack

Bike rack and/or pedestrian bollard made entirely of cast aluminium and made up of a central post and two half-rings fixed with stainless steel anti-theft screws. Ground fixing is either (more...)


Domus seats

Modular seating consisting of single seats with backrests all in perforated steel sheet is fixed to a strong central steel tube. The bar is closed off at each end with (more...)


Ghost litter bin

Litter bin, particularly aesthetically pleasing and with high technical detail, is constructed from two cast aluminium half-shells an oval concrete base, slam lock and inside ring which allows plastic waste (more...)


Horn bench

Bench, available in two lengths, made from a pair of cast aluminium supports and a seat and backrest in exotic wood slats, held by a tubular frame. The supports can (more...)


Lanzarote information post

Information post available in two versions, in tubular steel or in extruded aluminium with tubular steel insert. The post is equipped with a semi-spherical steel end cap and aesthetic base (more...)


Libre benches

Bench, seat or double seat, made from a series of steel tubes, welded to supports linked to a robust horizontal tube. Available straight or curved. All tubes are closed off (more...)


Partners display board

Display case, available in single or double sided formats, made of a pair of extruded aluminium supports, reinforced with a tubular steel insert with base plates and caps in steel (more...)


Riva seats

Seat, available with in 1, 3 or 6 seat versions, made up of two or three cast aluminium end supports with armrests, and of seat and backrest made of slats (more...)


Single Fox litter bin

Litter bin constructed from a steel sheet cylindrical structure with cast aluminium cover. The door is secured with a triangular key slam-lock system, and opens to allow plastic waste sacks (more...)


Transeo barriers

Pedestrian barrier made up of cast aluminium vertical elements and handrail and also 3 horizontal bars in steel plate. Ground fixing is either through concreting-in the internal post, fixed sideways (more...)


Viso illuminated notice board

Outdoor illuminated notice board made up of a steel support frame and a case with door entirely in extruded aluminium profile. The glass is tempered and fixed to the structure (more...)


Volo benches

Bench with or without backrest, available in two sizes, made from a single piece of purposefully shaped, laser cut sheet steel. Seat and backrest are brought together with stainless steel (more...)