A complete range of sanitation stations for indoor use, designed to simplify personal sanitization and waste disposal operations.

All the products of the Sanification Point collection are practical and elegant, available in different configurations to meet the needs of public and private places such as offices, shopping centers, condominium areas, schools and much more.

It is designed to be, at the same time, a hand sanitization station, and a distribution point for devices to protect against COVID-19, such as disposable gloves, masks, or wipes. It is simple and intuitive to use, and specific pictograms can be applied for a visual indication.

The system also includes a proper litter bin with a steel inner liner, to ease the collection and disposal of waste.

Thanks to appropriate pre-arranged holes on the front side, the station can be equipped with a battery powered automatic dispenser of hand-sanitizer or with a stainless steel universal bottle-holder.

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Other variants on request:
dezinfekční stanice