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Collection of modular seats, without backrest, composed of a double perimeter frame and a seat, both made of WPC (Wood Polymer Composite). Four versions are available: two square seats of different sizes; a seat with a central hole for the positioning around trees or plants; a “L” shaped seat, compatible with the Big Harris collection. The seats can be installed individually or in composition.

Fixing: Pre-drilled for anchors

Dimensions and weight:
WHIA 1500 1500×1500 mm H 420 mm  175 kg
WHI 1550 1550×1410 mm H 420 mm  210 kg
WHI 2000  2050×1915 mm H 420 mm  370 kg
WH TREE 1550×1410 mm H 420 mm  220 kg

Finishings and materials

Sizes and Configurations