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Collection of modular benches with double-sided seats, with or without backrest, equipped with two or three arc supports in cast aluminium or vertical supports in steel tube. The seat and the backrest are made of steel tubes welded to proper supports linked together by a horizontal bar in steel tube.
Six models, with or without backrest, are available: four curved, two linear. Each model can be installed individually or in composition with the other elements of the Libre Doppia collection.

Fixing: Ground fixing kit

Accessories: Aluminum armrests

Dimensions and weight:
DP | D
2000×1045 mm H 810 mm h 458 mm
DP 65 kg
D 90 kg
DS 45 | DS 90
3040×1368 mm Ri 1100 mm Re 2145 mm
H 810 mm h 458 mm
DS 45 120 kg
DS 90 113 kg
DPS 45 | DPS 90
3091×1273 mm Ri 3000 mm Re 4035 mm
H 810 mm h 458 mm
DPS 45 90 kg
DPS 90 80 kg

Finishings and materials

Sizes and Configurations