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Shelter made up of tubular steel bearing structure and a steel central support, equipped on one side with steel sheets, curved to give an elliptical profile. Inside the body, equipped so as to open the door with triangular key lock, at the bottom is a litter bin with waste sack holding ring, and at the top is an advertising space (with neon lighting available on request); to post adverts or media information, a notice board in aluminium profile with slam-lock is arranged inside the body of the structure. The roof is in shaped sheet and finished with an extruded aluminium edging. The rear wall is made up of a steel profile frame and four sheets of tempered glass with polished edges, with possibility of extra holes for the installation of an aluminium profile notice board with slam-lock. On request, the shelter can be supplied with a perforated sheet seat, and a double-sided advertising case (with neon lighting also available on request); to attach adverts or media information, there is a display area inside the case in aluminium profile with slam-lock. The shelter can be supplied with lighting with neon 54 W lamps surrounded by a perforated sheet panel. Ground fixing with suitable bolts.

L 6060×1600 mm
I 2777+2777 mm
H 2710 mm h 2320 mm

Finishings and materials

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