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The range of action that integrates shadow in urban spaces
The shading system designed by Makio Hasuike & Co. for Metalco is the result of a careful analysis of the typical factors characterising the urban climate, a highly complex phenomenon, linked to a mix of different problems. Excessive concreting, cramped spaces, an alternation of streets and squares and the massive presence of apartment blocks and industrial buildings that prevent the creation of naturally shady places, inevitably leading the climate to overheat, with a negative effect on the quality of life. Now more than ever, a city that really wants to take care of its inhabitants must
provide artificial shaded areas able to restore some balance and help to create microclimates that contribute to the wellbeing of its citizens.

Modular shading structure composed of supporting columns equipped with trapezoidal steel frames, with aluminum profiles. The frames are joined together by steel plates. Two configurations are available: one linear to create pedestrian paths, one as “island”. They can be installed individually or in composition.

Fixing: Installation with threaded bars

Dimensions and weight:
10950×2980 mm H 2900 mm 850 kg
6195×4180 mm H 2900 mm 470 kg


Finishings and materials

Sizes and Configurations