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Shelter constructed from special profile extruded aluminium bearing columns with thin vertical stripes, with tubular steel reinforcing insert and a steel base, connected at the top by an extruded aluminium profile which acts as a gutter. The cover is in transparent or smoked methacrylate sheets, supported by a structure made from extruded aluminium support ribs and counter-ribs. The walls are coupled safety glass or perforated steel sheet. The shelter is provided with a tubular stainless steel handrail which is fixed to the rear columns. Ground fixing is with suitable bolts. The shelter can be supplied complete with side walls in glass or perforated steel sheet; steel bench; rear notice board; advertisement side wall; extruded aluminium front sign; transparent methacrylate gable; lighting system.

Available in the following materials and sizes:

Galvanized and Powder Coated Steel + Powder Coated Aluminum

Fixings: Plate with anchors

2 mod: L 2210×1730 mm I 1040 mm
3 mod: L 3250×1730 mm I 1040 mm
4 mod: L 4290×1730 mm I 1040 mm
5 mod: L 5330×1730 mm I 1040 mm
H 2532 mm h 2134 mm

Finishings and materials

Sizes and Configurations