The first dispenser suitable for crowded places, as hotels, beach resorts and wellness centers, available both for indoors and outdoors. Hand sanitization operations in crowded places, such as hotels, beach resorts, parks, wellness centers, can be complicated, due to overcrowding and environmental conditions. For this purpose, CABRAL has been conceived: available in two versions, one for indoors and one for outdoors, thanks to its unique design, it can be installed in every context, providing an essential sanitizer function.
CABRAL is available in 10 standard colours with white or black “Sanification Point” pad printing.
*Dispensing spout with chromed finish.
Images are purely indicative, it can vary according to its availability.
Dimensions: H=1101, L=350×250 mm Capacity: 10 lt
“Sanification Point” pad printing is placed only on one side.
It is possible to customize the other lateral side with stickers upon request.
In case of outdoor installation with strong and prolongued sun exposure, it is
recommended to place CABRAL sheltered from direct sunlight.
It comes in two versions: one simple for indoors and one for outdoors, with an aluminium internal
profile and insulating material, to offer a further protection to the sanitizer.
CABRAL is equipped with a base plate: it can either be simply positioned on the floor or,
if securing and stability are needed, the pre-drilled holes on the base allow fixing through dowels.
An accessory for implantation on soft soils, such as sand, is available.

Finishings and materials

Sizes and Configurations