Bravo boom litter bin

Litter bin made of a simple cylindrical container made of a laser cut decorated steel sheet (this version is to allow visibility of the content). The litter bin is equipped (more...)


Canestro litter bin

Litter bin, in a characteristic “basket” shape, made of engraved, pressed sheet, with a patented system. The result is a three-dimensional volume characterised by the empty-full which, combined with the (more...)


Club C litter bin

Basket of frusto-conical, made ​​from shaped steel sheet, with base plate opening on one side for the replacement of the bag which is secured with a rubber strap to the (more...)


Ecofreccia recycling litter bin

Litter bin in perforated steel plate with geometic motifs, equipped with cover in clad steel sheet with a two openings for the categorized collection of rubbish. The cover, with a (more...)


Spencer Clear litter bin

Cylinder-shaped litter bin made of transparent compact polycarbonate with cover in clad sheet steel with a central opening for rubbish. The bin can be supplied with an ashtray. The cover, (more...)