Customized people friendly street furniture, specifically made for the city of Cuneo

The new location in Via Roma has inspired a new “human-focused” street furniture range, which will help giving back the street to the citizens and visitors.

Seats, green elements, various signs help making the urban space more welcoming, favouring socialization and the use of the services. The range, designed with Via Roma in mind, uses two main materials: wood and galvanized steel powder coated in Cor-Ten colour.

Two “warm” materials, which instil a sense of wellbeing and safety, and are well adapted to the historical context. The light shapes, apart from their purely functional aspect, interact with the context without overbearing it. The furnishing project aims at completing the requalification of Via Roma, by creating a complete street furniture range capable of supporting the different types of usage that this space will host…

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Architectural Project: Studio Kuadra – Cuneo

Municipal Project Manager: Ing. Walter Martinetto

Executive Design and Industrialization: R&D Metalco

Operation Director: Ing. Paolo Meloni – Metalco