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Collection of modular benches with double-sided seats, with or without backrest, equipped with two arc or vertical supports, made of cast aluminium or steel tube.
The seat and the backrest are made of steel tubes welded to proper support linked together by a horizontal bar in steel tube. The backrest has a particular shape that makes it usable, on the outside, as a leaning seat.
The following models are available: linear with or without backrest (LE 2000, LEP 2000), with half right or left backrest (HDX2700, HSX 2700), Torsion version, equipped with two seats with backrests on opposite sides (TDX 2700, TSX 2700).
Each model can be installed individually or in composition with the other elements of the Libre Evolution collection.

Fixing: Free standing with pedestals, pre-drilled for anchors, below ground installation
Accessories: Aluminum armrests, Ground fixing kit

Dimensions and weight:
2700×760 mm H 810 mm h 458 mm
TDX 2700 | TSX 2700 90 kg
HDX 2700 | HSX 2700 75 kg

LE 2000
2000×730 mm H 810 h 458 mm
60 kg

LEP 2000
2000×760 mm H 458 mm
50 kg


Finishings and materials

Sizes and Configurations

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