The LOLA lamp from Metalco wins the ‘Delta de Plata’ ADI-FAD 2012′

On 28th June, the “Lola” lamp, designed by Lagranja for Metalco, won the ‘Delta De Plata’ (Silver Delta)  ADI-FAD 2012 award, a prestigious international prize for industrial design.

The jury’s verdict was: “the project highlights the importance of design within public space, a polished product which combines design and sustainability to allow optimum light diffusion, without glare, representing a solution against urban vandalism.”

Lola is the first total reflection LED streetlight in the world. Thanks to the innovative and internationally patented optical concept, Lola uses the entire LED emission (including side emission)  and projects it onto the street, resulting in large energy savings and a perfect light diffusion.
With the optical principle of deflection, the light is directed towards a reflective shell,  made up of a collector and a deflector, which then points the light towards the street. In this way you obtain several advantages: the LED side emission does not get wasted, the upward emission is absent and the light is projected uniformly, the light does not create any glare (as no LED points directly at the street) and there is no light towards the sky. Using this lamp allows you to meet even the strictest lighting regulations, in terms of average light, average and longitudinal uniformity, glare, illumination of the surrounding areas and upward emission.
Lola is made with careful attention to sustainability: the structure is anodized aluminium, treated and finished to achieve excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion and UV rays.
All components are fully recyclable and without mercury. Furthermore, saving 65% of the energy used by traditional lamps and at least 20% more than other LED streetlights on the market, thanks to the more efficient LEDs, the lighting body and a more efficient illumination profie.
This award validates the dedication and quality of Metalco’s production, who have many years’ experience in the field of street furniture: known in over 4,000 cities across 32 countries  for its innovation, design and product quality which today make up the broadest range in the street furniture, garden furniture, modular metal fencing and urban lighting sectors. Metalco’s primary objective is to design and produce new generations of products which enhance the best features of traditional materials such as steel, wood, stone together with industrial concepts
which reach the highest quality levels and a strictly “Made in Italy” production.